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Body Enlightenment, originated by Betty Esthelle, RN, is a healing modality which lightens the psyche and soul as it heals and lightens the body.

Body Enlightenment is a highly regarded system of powerful transformational bodywork and methods which Betty has taught both in the United States and in Europe.





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Experience Betty

 Betty speaks on the Gifts of Aging and teaches the exercise "Walking with Earth Mother"


video by Cathy Zheutlin ‪of worldskitchen‬ and Holy Rascals

Experience Body Enlightenment

Body Enlightenment helps you to feel, expands your consciousness, facilitates the resolution of troublesome issues, relieves stress, dissolves tension, soothes chronic discomfort and aids you to realize your potential for self healing and personal success.

This supportive, non-intrusive hands on healing is an answer for everyone who can use relief from daily demands.   Body Enlightenment teaches you how to release chronic pain and unwanted patterns of thinking and relating.

You will re-learn with your physical presence and experience how the body is designed to function naturally and easily.

In a Body Enlightenment session, you will observe the visible benefits that emerge from these health enhancing skillful techniques that build self healing and cultivate insight.

Consider some sessions of Body Enlightenment for yourself and/or a loved one. Take or give as a gift an hour of profound relaxation, insight and transformation!



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