Body Enlightenment

                The 12 Principles of Body Enlightenment



1. I am the most important person in my life. I only have my body.


2. My life is a gift, I don't have to pay for it.


3.  The Sun is the true Father and provides the seeds of energy that          create Life. The Earth is the true mother and sustains all Life.
I have both male and
female energy.


4. I am nourished by my contact with my Divine Spirit and it is perfect. 


5. I choose my reality. I am what I think. 


6. Change happens in one instant. 


7. There are no mistakes. Only lessons. 


8. I have the possibility to transform my trauma into wisdom. 


9. I grew into the adult that I needed as a child for the purpose of self healing. 


10. My relationships are my teachers.


11. My feelings are for me, not against you. 


12.  When you are right, I am also right. 


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